Unfollow Depression, Be Strong Kids!
| Suman Arora - 08 May 2019

Unfollow Depression, Be Strong Kids!

By Suman Arora

New Delhi, May 08, 2019:

The Xth and XIIth board (Central Board of Secondary Education) results have just been announced. The students who appeared in various boards this year were waiting for the results with bated breath and parents were also having mild anxiety attacks about the possible outcome of board results of their wards.

The board results are crucial for students as the Xth results would decide the stream they'll be allotted and the XIIth results have again opened doors of temporary uncertainty for the students as they'll all be running around for getting a place in their preferred colleges/universities for further studies.

It is a celebration time for most who are inspired to do more in life and prove their abilities further.

Somewhere in between, we'll have scores of students who, despite their best intentions, are not able to fare well in these exams. A pall of gloom is likely to descend on those families. A bleak future and a bleaker hope may loom large over them. A low performer may fall prey to depression and may even be driven to take the extreme step out of sheer frustration. The recent unfortunate incident of more than twenty intermediate students committing suicide in Telangana is a sad reminder of the pressure of exam results our kids are facing.

Life has its ups and downs for all of us. We all are faced with more or less similar tough situations in life at one point or the other. This is a tough and trying time for sure. Everyone in the family is affected when a ward’s result is not up to the mark.

Are You a Good Roadie? - By Suman Arora  - https://bit.ly/2HanmP9

The following points should be kept in mind to effectively deal with this low phase in life:

Parents’ role: Parents have a vital role to play at this juncture. They are understandably stressed, yet, they must maintain their cool for the sake of the child. They are required to provide the much-needed emotional support to the disturbed child. Parents must make all possible efforts to keep the child relaxed and hopeful.

The number of teenage boys and girls visiting psychiatrists is increasing day by day. I recently read an article in a national daily about the alarmingly high percent of teenagers consulting psychiatrists these days in India.

Parents, first thing first, this is not the time to curse the child for his failure. Nor the time for a blame game or “I told you so” type accusations. One result, howsoever crucial, cannot be the be-all and end-all of everything.

Be with the child. Guide him. Counsel him. Assess the reasons as to what went wrong and where. Help the child plug the loopholes in his future attempts.

Get up and go: At times like these we must remember that even the most successful people in this world have faced failures in their lives. It is up to the students to let this moment of failure catapult them into carving out a big success story for themselves.

Are You a Good Roadie? - By Suman Arora  - https://bit.ly/2HanmP9

The much heard about an example of an ant taking a grain of rice over the wall despite repeated failed attempts is a good way to motivate yourself to see things in the right perspective. The ant does not lose hope and finally succeeds in carrying it uphill.

Your failure is not the end of the road. In fact, nothing is! Get up and go!

What to do: By the way, you have two options, to dust the dirt of failure off and stand up with new confidence. Or, feel dejected and keep wallowing in self-pity, closing all possible doors of success.

You are intelligent enough to know that you have a Hobson's choice. So, dude, get ready, it is time to start all over again. And, do so with a strong conviction. Not getting good grades in school does not stop you from trying other options in life. Sky's the limit!

A student hoping for a medical or an engineering degree should not lose hope at having scored low marks which have rendered him out of bounds for admission in above courses. Even, getting admission in a simple BA (Pass) course through distance education from a recognized institute can make him/her eligible to prepare for civil services and succeed in the same with sheer grit and determination. Mind you, you can proudly be a part of India’s growth story even after having scored low in your boards!

You can visit CBSE website for detailed information on all possible courses being offered by various universities/institutes.

Are You a Good Roadie? - By Suman Arora  - https://bit.ly/2HanmP9

Personal development: It is absolutely necessary to take a healthy diet, be physically active and adopt a positive attitude towards life in general at all times, especially at times like these. Learn to do yoga and meditation to keep yourself spiritually aligned to help you deal with adversities. Regular physical exercise creates steady blood flow to the entire body which generates happy chemicals to help you cope with the present tough times.

Learn a new skill, adopt a positive hobby, do community service, etc. Do whatever makes you happy and fulfilled. All these attempts will build your self-confidence and knowledge.

In fact, you can turn your life around positively any time you set your mind to it. Any moment can prove to be a turning point in our lives. Don't forget, Mann ke haare haar hai, mann ke jeete jeet!

Unfollow depression kids, there’s no time for that. You have so much to do to grow wings of success and happiness in your life! Give yourself another chance to prove yourself. You have a way to go!

(Suman Arora is the author of two books on human behavior, Soul’tweets’ and One Step Higher…)


Are You a Good Roadie? - By Suman Arora  - https://bit.ly/2HanmP9

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