Chinese Imperialism – Buying the Best in Class..

13 May 2020

Post Covid-19: Why Parts of Western Media Portra

The "Battle of the Giants" Begins Within Next Few Years; Where Are You? ..

07 May 2020

75 Years After 2nd WW: The World at a Crossroads... Again

  • The year 2020 should also be an opportunity

Are You Waiting for Another Disaster?..

06 May 2020

The “New Normal”: Disaster Response in Time of Covid-19

 National Workshop on Highway Accidents & Emergency Medical Management ..

07 Mar 2020

By Indian Observer Post

New Delhi: The United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Dev

National Workshop on Highway Accidents and Emergency Medical Management..

27 Feb 2020

By Onkareshwar Pandey

New Delhi, Feb 27, 2020: 

15th Finance Commission: Beyond Disaster Response..

18 Feb 2020

India has suffered a huge loss as the average annual loss due to disaster is the US $9.8 billion in th


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