We need a National Commission to uncover the truth..

03 Jun 2020

Long walk home

The Cen

World’s first Dedicated Web Portal for Empowering Tribal Women (Adirani) launched..

02 Jun 2020

Union Minister launched the web portal www.adirani.com via Video conferencing<

COVID19: Did India Err by Early Lockdown?..

30 May 2020

Now India and the world have to live with the corona virus till a vaccine is found or Herd Immunity is developed. In India by sheer miscalcu

Fight Corona But Economy Should Not Disturb: Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Dr. J.R. Bhardwaj..

28 May 2020

Webinar Series by School of Liberal Arts

BharatVarsha over India: Did we miss the Bus?..

24 May 2020

In another few years and definitely one of the post-COVID-19 scenarios, the number of non-traditional students who are responsib

Unabated Honour Killings in Pakistan..

24 May 2020

By VK Gaur

Two teenage girls aged 16 and 18 were killed on 14 May 20 in the name of 'honour o


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