| Dr Parvez Hayat, IPS, Former ADGP, BPR&D, MHA, Delhi - 22 Sep 2020

Digital transformation with best of efforts of companies was not happening at the pace wanted. The companies themselves had no clear idea of how to go about it.

Dr. Parvez Hayat, IPS, former DGP & a Google Scholar

Since the onset of concept of smart cities in Barcelona facilitating information sharing through ICT towers by laying optical fiber and censors. Gradually the concept of smart cities began to expand early in Europe and later in USA such as San Francisco and elsewhere in developed and developing nations. 

That the world was thrown in an existential crisis is a harsh reality that cannot be negated. That we are still struggling with it, with end in sight is not an understatement.

*That the consequent lockdown threw every single human activity out of gear from a school to every trade, unorganised sector and what not.*

The supply chain of essential commodities had to be up and running though truncated for the world to survive. Other sectors want to make whatever good of already a lost cause.

*At least something skeletal could be maintained and so that some revenues keep coming.*

Herein came the whole concept of digital transformation.

*The digital transformation undeniably has been perforce. Digital Mindset precedes digital transformation, but there was no time.*

Any loss of time would have added to already aggravated human, social and economic situation. The way to go was digital. There was a technology, heard or known, tested or otherwise, enjoying people’s faith was ready to be lapped. There was no other choice. *If it was not planned, so it be.*

Digital mindset is the navigating brain which understands the domain it is in and knows the technologies it wishes to adopt or adapt in which manner, the pain points thereof, the costing and the gestation period.

*Hiccups accepted, the capability to make it happen is not doubted. The end result is that the results are fairly robust and certainly irreversible.*

The brick and mortar is taken care of. The physical activities which ought to happen for this exercise also happens simultaneously.

Digital transformation with best of efforts of companies was not happening at the pace wanted. The companies themselves had no clear idea of how to go about it.

*The present scenario is necessity based upgrade. Lots of crevices will emerge.* Accountability and documentation issues will also emerge. *The workflow needs to move on the digital mode and so also the complete life cycle of that activity.*

How we navigate this will bring about the real digital transformation?

*If we deliberately decide to continue the digital transformation mode post normalcy will be its real success.*

At the same time component of social equity can’t be ignored for people who may not have access to digital gadgets such as smart phones, tablets etc., and  the various governments in developing and under developed nations have to provide in order to reduce growing social and economic inequalities during and post pandemics.

Let’s use this opportunity to upgrade to a better form of living and working, The Digital without compromising social inclusiveness ensuring substantive Justice.

(Dr. Parvez Hayat, IPS, former DGP & a Google Scholar)

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