| RK Sinha - 20 Sep 2020

If China does any unpleasant activity on the borders, Indian military will give them the required answer.

By RK Sinha

There is a world of difference between the debate in the Parliament on 15 September 2020 on Sino-India tensed relationship and that which took place  after 1962 Sino-India war. The defence minister Rajnath Singh clearly gave a message to China on the the stressful relationship on Line of Actual Control(LAC) that India is also prepared to go to war and confront china, if such an eventually forced on us by the dragon.

If China does any unpleasant activity on the borders, Indian military will give them the required answer. Special weapons, artilleries and other military war equipments are in ready positions on the advanced posts. It is expected that china will certainly consider our all these preparedness before waging a war with India.

China has a mindset to pressurise almost all the surroundings countries because of its huge size and financial power. It also thought that it will use its same strategy to India also and pressurise India whenever and wherever it want. The reason behind the present misunderstanding is that India after loosing war with china did not even showed courage to ask for its territory lost to china in 1962. This resulted in china becoming more aggressive towards India. India is going through tough phase now in Ladakh.

They have now understood reality also that the present situation is completely different from past. India is capable of tackling all kinds of adverse situations created by any hostile country. Whenever a challenge came in front of the country, Parliament of India has shown its full faith and commitment with the military. Now it is known to all, china has attempted emphatically multiple times to change the status quo on LAC. But our brave soldiers confronted the Chinese and made their dream shattered.

China can never and will never be forgiven for whatever has happened on the borders of Ladakh between the militaries of both the countries last month. Now, china has also known that it is a new india under the able leadership of the Prime Minister Modi and it will pay in the same coin with interest. India has also deployed its fighter jets and other destructive weapons along the Ladakh borders.

Indian Airforce, navy and military is ready to reply china suitably which they also understand. But still India being a responsible peace loving country among the global fraternity will have to take steps keeping everything in mind. The government should not really bother about the irresponsible Congress led opposition. Because their activities and statements are mostly pro china. In this critical period Rahul Gandhi has flown to abroad to enjoy his vacation.

The same opposition was alleging our PM Narendra Modi that the statement which was released immediately after the martyrdom of army personnel in Ladakh, PM did not named China as the sole culprit behind this deception. But Modi always attacked Chinese leadership in the all Party meeting. All the major Congress leaders were present in the the meeting . Will anyone say that India is bowing before China and surrendering to its policies like it did during 1962.

Let's move to 56 years back,on 14th November 1963, when after facing defeat with china, a discussion was organised in Lok Sabha to consider the after war situation. The then Prime Minister of India Jawahar Lal Nehru gave a statement in a very defensive way and alleged that China who claimed itself of fighting against expansionist forces, in reality it took the path of expansionists. He stated that China betrayed India. He kept on speaking.

Then H.V Kamath interrupted him and said to Nehru, you keep of speaking. Now Nehru explained all the preparedness of China before they started the war. Amidst it Swami Rameshwaranand, a member from Karnal questioned in a loud voice and said" I am interested in knowing that when china was preparing what were you doing? " Then Nehru ji lost his cool and said I think Swami ji is not understanding anything. There was no intention in the minds of Nehru of fighting with China .

Everyone is aware about the indecisive attitude and irresolute policies of Nehru towards China which resulted in our defeat during 1962 war. To talk softly to Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai and the proposed liberal slogans of 'hindi chini bhai-bhai'(indians and Chinese are brothers) presented a weak image of India and cunning China took advantage of this.

Even after 56 years of this war, China is illegally occupying our significant Aksai Chin area. The area is 37,244 sq. Km which is almost equal to the area of the entire kashmir valley. It is highly shameful that no Congress prime minister be it Nehru, Indira or Rajiv or any other even taken a step to regain control over our territory which is occupied by China since 1962 illegally.

There is a world of difference between Nehru who lost honour and territory during his prime ministership and the new India lead by PM Modi. Today's India has taken down a peg of China . Earlier Doklam and then Galwan Valley of Ladakh, India kept its morale high and never acted according to China's wishes. It has been made understood that India will not forgive anyone who provoke it.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Miniater of Foreign Affaires S Jayashankar is directly negotiating with China. Both has cleared India's stand that India is commited to solve border issue peacefully. At the same time India is also commited to protect its sovereignty at all cost .

If China completely obeys the agreement then India is ready to disengage its troops. India will not agree to anything lesser than it. Currently, China has deployed heavy military and arsenal in internal areas of LAC. In response our millitary has also activated its defensive mechanism and deployed whatever is necessary. The country should be assured that our military will counter any aggressive challenge.

Undoubtedly, India wishes to end the clashes with China and write a new chapter of peaceful and progressive relationship. Both the countries should help other countries of the world by reaching out with assistance in this tough COVID -19 phase because they both have capability. But at the same time India has also made a mindset that if war is imposed on us, Indian Army will halt in beijing.

(Writer is senior editor, columnist and Former MP)

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