Google’s ‘People Cards’ Becoming Popular in India
| IOP Desk - 17 Aug 2020

Here is a Step By Step Guide to Create People Card on Google


By Jayshri Gunge

Aurangabad; August 17; 2020

Google India’s newly launched "People Cards" feature in India that allows users to create their virtual visiting card and build their public profile for search engine and enhances their online presence is becoming popular day by day.

 Google keeps on coming with innovative features every year to benefit their users and cater their needs; although when the world is facing pandemic and lockdown; google has not stop doing its duty.

Google India introduced about their new feature on twitter; “Showcase your business; passion or portfolio when people search for you on Google;” along with the instructions on how to use it.

 People cards has been under testing phase for a few years and now it’s been finally initiated in India. Users need to have a google account and provide their mobile number in order to create the people cards on google search.

In terms of how it is going to benefit; People Cards assist people in developing their online presence and discover others as well. The feature offers virtual business cards-like experience on Google Search Engine where individuals can highlight their social media profiles or existing websites to promote their business or public profile as well.

This feature will prove to be advantageous for Individuals; ; influencers; self-employed people; entrepreneurs; employees; freelancers; businesses; online marketplaces. Anyone can be benefitted through the People Cards by getting discovered easily on being searched.

Search Engine giant Google states that people cards will deliver only helpful and reliable information as it let users raise flag against low-quality content; abusive; offensive; impersonating; or any wrong information. Google has also set up certain controls and safety features to maintain optimum quality of information shared by people.

Additionally; only one People Card can be created through a Google Account. The move will help limit fake public profiles.


How to create People Card on Google?

Follow these given steps to create your People Card on Google Search:

Step 1: Sign-in to your Google Account

Step 2: Search for “Add Me To Search”

Step 3: Click on prompt that says “Add yourself to Google Search”

Step 4: Enter your mobile phone number to complete verification process

Step 5: Enter 6-digit Unique Code

Step 6: Start building your profile on people card by adding your Location; choosing the image; adding description of yourself; adding links of your websites or social media profiles and email address; if any.

Step 7: Click on Save

Step 8: Search for your profile name on Google Search and you get to see all the shared information displayed on Google

For now; the people cards feature is accessible only in India for mobile users. People can create their public profiles using their mobile devices. The feature is available in English language alone.

Lauren Clark; Product Manager at Google Search posted on Google blog;  “For the millions of influencers; entrepreneurs; prospective employees; self-employed individuals; freelancers; or anyone else out there who wants to be discovered; we hope this new Search feature will help the world find them.”

Google Image Courtesy  - Dekh

(The writer is a student of Journalism and mass communication at MIT; Pune and writes about science and technology. She can be contacted at

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