Indian Observer Post Becomes International Digital Media Partner of AASGON - GSEF
| Aarti Gupta, Editor - Diplomatic Affairs, IOP, Bangalore - 01 Aug 2020


London/New Delhi, Aug 02, 2020: Indian Observer Post has been accorded the status of Official Media Partner of AASGON-GSEF.

“We, on behalf of the Board and Management of the Africa Asia Scholars Global Network (AASGON) and our Sister Organisation, the Global South Economic Forum (GSEF), welcome you on the board as a valuable member of the AASGON Group. I wish to commend your highly resourced intellectual, enterprising and exceptional achievements over the years as a renowned Journalist, Media Guru and prolific Editor of the globally acclaimed, widely read, most appealing and highly informative Digital Media, the Indian Observer Post,” said Abdul Dewale Mohammed, Founder and Group Executive President of the Africa Asia Scholars Global Network (AASGON) in a letter issued from his headquarters at Maidstone Road, Rochester, Chatham, Kent ME5 9FD, UK.

Abdul Dewale Mohammed (ADM) is a Global Strategic Management, Public Relations and Marketing Consultant, a Prolific Entrepreneur, Renowned Public Speaker, Mentor, Author, Writer, Publisher and Philanthropist. Born on the 4th of July 1955, ADM, a British Citizen and Nigerian by Birth, is the Founder and Group Executive President of the Africa Asia Scholars Global Network (AASGON), and the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Global South Economic Forum (GSEF).

Established on October 10, 2010 (10-10-10), with the background of the Bandung Principles of the 1955 Asia Africa Conference, AASGON was officially registered in January 2011, to create enabling structures, innovative, strategic and proactive partnerships, support and promote the attainment of equity, peace, prosperity and sustainable development through reorientation, human capacity development, people centred policies and inclusive governance, notably in the Global South.

The world's foremost multilateral civil society organisation (CSO) focused on addressing developmental challenges mainly within communities in the Global South and in the Diaspora, AASGON, is a Signatory to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), Member of the UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development (UKSSD) and among others, founder of the ‘Forum of Africa, Arab and Asia Pacific University Presidents (FAAAPUP) and the World Film Music Arts Awards Festival (FIMAAFEST).

“In your enviable capacity to influence and contribute to the development and sustainable growth of AASGON and GSEF, the Board and Management of both organisations, have unanimously agreed with immediate effect to appoint your highly resourced International Digital Media as the official Media Partner of ‘AASGON and GSEF’, said Abdul Dewale Mohammed.

He further said, “Your exemplary qualities, philanthropic ideals, cross cultural and expressed knowledge of government, educational institutions and the corporate sector, as well as civil society organisations, particularly in the Global South, coupled with your great proficiency, professional expertise, technical and entrepreneurial skills, will be highly inspiring and extremely contributory to evolving the far reaching cultural and socio-economic structural reforms being initiated and about to be conducted by AASGON and GSEF, in an effort to rebuild the bricks of our fractured world, as pronounced in 2018 by the World Economic Forum (WEF) With your support, we shall continue to foster tactical and meaningful public private partnerships (PPP), good governance, the unlocking of the wealth of universities, and the enhancement of creativity and potentials through profound academic entrepreneurship and upskills development, particularly in agriculture, the arts, cultural, scientific and technical education.” 

“Through partnerships and proactive alliances and the pooling of our comparative advantages and contacts, together, we are bound to increase our chances of bequeathing a legacy to present and future generations. We call on the esteem Board of the Indian Observer Post, to kindly accept the assurances of our highest regards and consideration,” concluded Abdul Dewale Mohammed in his letter dated July 31, 2020.

Accepting the offer made by AASGON-GSEF, Onkareshwar Pandey, Founder CEO and Editor in Chief of INDIAN OBSERVER POST said IOP will work extensively to bridge the gap between UK, South Africa and India through information dissemination and knowledge sharing.

INDIAN OBSERVER POST is a part of GOLDEN SIGNATURES RESEARCH & CONSULTING and a new media platform which provides Special News, Articles, Reports, Analysis, Features Interviews and Views on all Contemporary issues. INDIAN OBSERVER POST (IOP) is a Class, Creative, and Constructive News platform.

“Around 200 Experts, Editors, Writers and Columnists across the country and the world are our regular contributors. IOP believes in the unbiased News & Views based on Facts, Not Fake or Fiction. We have created a Fact-Check Desk to detect and identify FAKE-NEWS coming to us for publication. We have no political bias at all, Mr. Pandey said. 

 Onkareshwar Pandey, who is former Senior Group Editor of RASHTRIYA SAHARA (Hindi & Urdu) and former Editor - News of ASIAN NEWS INTERNATIONAL (ANI), and also former Managing Editor-THE SUNDAY INDIAN - (a Weekly Magazine in 14 Languages) is a well known media personality in India. With over 30 years of experience, Mr. Pandey has worked in Print, Television, Digital and TV News Agency - all 4 segments of media and have successfully launched and run several media houses. A Google certified Trainer on the Fact Check, Mr. Pandey has also developed ‘Kaizen Solution’ for making the media and small business entities revive survive and become self sustainable after the COVID-19 crisis.

His Digital Media - INDIAN OBSERVER POST (IOP) is also running three Digital Networks of knowledge leaders.

Here are the details -  

“We will also be launching a prestigious Global Golden Signature Awards after COVID-19 crisis, Mr. Pandey said.

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