By Sanjoo Thangjam

Special Correspondent, Manipur 


IMPHAL, Jul 13, 2020: Since the beginning of February last, the Deputy Director of Social Welfare and who is in charge of Women’s Programme ( WP) Ms Binobala Nongmaikapam have been communicating with the official from the Nepal Embassy for the repatriation and she had personally been monitoring for the welfare of these Nepalese women during their stay here in Imphal.

It may be mentioned that Ms Binobala Nongmeikapam had taken a key role in the rescue and repatriation of the 179 Nepalese women in Feb, 2019 last.

Yesterday again, as a Special Mission, another 21 Nepali women left Imphal for their hometown in a bus along with security personnel and representatives of Nepalese Embassy. It is said that these 20 women are suspected victims of human trafficking among which one is believed to be mentally ill.

They have been handed over to Prakash Adhikari, Counsellor, Embassy of Nepal by the State Government after completing due procedures for repatriation back to their homes in Nepal.

It is said that all these women were rescued in the months of November and December in 2019. Most of these women came to Manipur in small groups both by air and through land routes in four batches.

Mention maybe made that earlier, eight of them were detained by the Airport Authorities at Imphal International Airport on suspicion and thus found out that they had no proper documents whereas on the other hand another 12 of them were apprehended at the International Border at Moreh by a team of Moreh police, 43 Assam Rifles and ICP officials.

As per the release, it further stated that they were all reportedly bound to travel to Gulf countries like Kuwait, Dubai etc via Myanmar.

After they were apprehended, all of them were provided shelter and other support services in three Ujjawala homes in Kakching and Chandel run by the State Social Welfare Department and during their eight months stay at the homes, they were provided medical aid, counselling and vocational training, etc.

The release further said that a mentally ill Nepali woman was found loitering in the paddy fields at Choithar village in Ukhrul on December 7 last year, fortunately, she was rescued by the Ukhrul police and has been staying at the Swadhar Home in Ukhrul District run by the State Social Welfare Department. She was provided medical and psychological treatment during her stay, it added.

Six officials, four from the Home Department and two from Ujjawala homes have been deputed for the journey till Kakadvitta-Panitanki border in Darjeeling, West Bengal by bus. This is the second batch of Nepali women who have been rescued and repatriated back to Nepal. 

The release further added that earlier, under the initiative of Ms Binobala Nongmaikapam, Deputy Director, (WP), 179 Nepalese including 32 men were rescued in Manipur and repatriated back to Nepal in February 2019 

"Repatriation during this pandemic lockdown was a difficult task.Such as arranging for the completion of the administrative procedure and logistic support." said Ms Binobala Nongmeikapam,Deputy Director, (WP) women’s programme, who have been communicating with the official from the Nepal Embassy for the repatriation since February this year. 

Photo Caption –

1) Ms Binobala Nongmeikapam, Deputy Director (Women's Programme) Department of Social Welfare, along with Mr Prakash Adhikari, Counselor, Embassy of Nepal on the right and Ujjawala team in her office 

2) Nepalese riding the Bus

Image courtesy - Ms Binobala Nongmeikapam 

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