Hinduism & Other Religions - Two Wings of The Same Bird Called India
| Devendra Makkar - 22 Aug 2018

Hinduism & Other Religions - Two Wings of The Same Bird Called India

  •  Devendra Makkar

I am a Hindu & living in America since 1996 and I always say I am proud to be an American first than Hindu. When I look at the statistics I find 72% of Americans are proud to be an American and in India, only 18% are proud to be an Indian. In America people understand, respect and honor that America quote unquote is a Christian nation, but at the same time it is a Muslim Nation, a Jewish nation, a Hindu nation, a Buddhist nation, a Sikh nation, a Mormon nation and a nation of non-believers also.” 


No one including the state or federal government has forced me or other Americans to be proud of being an American than why after 70 years of Independence majority Indians are not nationalist and are not proud to be Indians? Why they are Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhist etc.


Unfortunately, India lacks an identity that supersedes caste, ethnicity, religion, and region, which can unify all its citizens as equal members of a shared Nation with a shared destiny reached through common goals. The multi-fractured nature of Indian society goes beyond the healthy human disagreement and debate inherent to a healthy democracy, instead prompting the question whether India’s 1.33 billion citizens; Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, and Christian further sub-divided into more factions Punjabi, Gujratis, Maratha, Jat, Ahir, Shia, Suni, Tamil, Kannada, Bhapey, Lubhaney, Digambari, Shevetambari are actually want to be “Indians’.

Most pathetic are Hindu’s with 72% of the population; they are Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Kannada, Bihari, Maratha, Haryanvi, Himachali etc. Then they are Arya Samaji’s, Vaishnavs, Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Dravidians, Jats, Ahirs, Yadavs, Khasi, Dhogra, Kurmi, Dalits etc. None of them wants to stand on one platform or have one identity “Hindu” and prior to calling themselves, Hindu’s that they are Indians first. Dalit Hindu’s that is almost 20% of the total Indian population do not want to be associated with upper caste Hindus or Hinduism as defined by them because for centuries Dalits have been treated inhumanly by upper caste Hindus. Even a great majority of the upper caste Hindus are not with the Hindus that wants to redefine Hinduism and its history.


If one combines Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikhs & Buddhist Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes together they are 25% of India’s population. On the other hand, upper caste Hindus that believes in Hindutva invented by the likes of Savarkar’s and Golwalkar’s are less than 30%. Their numerous religious organizations like RSS, VHP, Hindu Mahasabha, Bajrang Dal, Ram Sena etc. and political wings mainly BJP & Shiv Sena; all believe that they can tolerate Sikhs, Buddhist & Jains because India is the birthplace of these religions. But they are not willing to accept followers of especially Islam and Christianity as Indians because these religions were born outside India. How can these misguided less than 30% Hindus dictate that India should be governed under their Hindutva when more than 70% Indians do not agree with them?


The largest minority “Muslims” with 18% of the population; are Shia, Sunni, Wahabi etc and none of them wants to stand on one platform or are Indian’s first. The worst is they believe in the interpretation of Islam as being done by Muslim feudal lords and dictators of Middle East & other Islamic countries. Than the Savarkar/Golvalkar types Hindus and their religious & political organizations have alienated them more by destroying a disputed Ram Bhumi Babri Masjid in 1992 and by killing Muslims in Gujarat under CM Modi in 2002. Now Modi is PM of India and has never shown any remorse for the organized killing of Muslims. The worst is those that did the organized killing were let go free or are on bail and have not been punished even 16 years after the reprehensible crime.

Christians the 2ndminority with 6% population are also divided in different sects and hardly feels that they are Indians first. The reason being the believers of Hindutva not Hinduism and their leaders keeps on reminding them that they don’t belong here, they are foreigners.

The 3rd  minority; Sikhs with 2% population are constantly reminded by Hindutvawadi’s that they can tolerate them because Hindus and Sikhs share some common ancestry and for Sikhism being born in India. Despite caste system is forbidden in Sikh Holy Text “Sri Gurugranth Sahib Ji”, Sikhs are known as Sainis (Kshatriyas), Rajputs, Ramgarhiyas (artisans), Ahluwalias (formerly brewers), Kambojs (rural caste), Labana (merchants), Kumharsand the 2 Dalit castes; Majhabis (chuhras) and Ravidasias (chamars). Sikhs numbering about 27 million worldwide, approximately 83 percent live in India. Majority of the Sikhs living out side India and a substantial population living in India; do not consider themselves as Indians and wants their own country Khalistan to be carved out of India. The blame for this squarely lies with the preachers of Savarkar or Golwalkar’s Hindutva that instigated Sikh genocide in 1984 when Indian PM Indra Gandhi was shot dead by her Sikh bodyguards. Till to-date even after 34 years the people responsible for this genocide has not been punished and Sikhs are still waiting for Justice.


It is very unfortunate misguided, dishonest, corrupt, half or not educated at all Hindus,  Muslims,Christians and Sikhs that do not understand Hinduism or Islam or Christianity or Sikhism or humanity at all; have become top political & religious Leaders and pushing India towards a civil war in the name of religious supremacy.


The current ruling party BJP; thefollowers of Savarkar/Golvalkarshould be aptly named ”Bharat Jalao Party” (Break India by inciting ethnic violence) for spreading misinformation, fabricating history, inciting hate for minorities including Dalit Hindus. The Hindutva they want to impose has nothing to do with Hindu religion. Its top leaders mostly uneducated are telling especially Hindu women what to eat, what to wear, how many children to produce, they can not marry a non-Hindu  and a marriage for them is a contract of slavery with her husband controlling her life. For vote politics they are inciting violence in the name of Cow in majority of the states of India; killing people or instigating mob lynching for suspected of eating or carrying beef. In north eastern states & Goa they are assuring the residents cheap and steady supply of beef! They are also denying the fact that to-day India is the number one beef exporter in the world and 95% of the slaughter houses for export are owned by upper caste Hindu’s. They are also insulting their own idol ex-PM Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee,a great legend with an extraordinary aura that said, "If India is not secular, then India is not India at all"

Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Sikh leadership representing the largest, second largest, third & 4th largest sections of the society; must understands that all the religions of India are the two wings of the same bird called “Indian Public” made up of practically every religion of the world. Why don’t they stop killing this bird in the name of Ram or Allah or Christ or Wahe Guru whatever they believe in? Why they want to impose ill-defined radical Hinduism or Islam or Christianity or Sikhism on India when majority of the Indians do not want that? None of them has ever thought about integrating all individuals of different religions, regions and factions of Indian origin on one Indian Platform as “Nationalist Indians”?

Indians can learn from America. It is an open and diverse society; all of its members are equal with the right to identify themselves with America’s “Founding Fathers and Freedom Fight Hero’s”. An African-American Barack Obama son of a Kenyan Muslim immigrant and native white American mother; can speak with pride of George Washington the father of the nation and Hero of the American Revolution War of Independence against the British Rulers. Obama a Democrat also has the right to speak with pride about Republican Abraham Lincoln who enacted the Emancipation of Declaration ending Slavery which later paved the way for Equal Rights for Blacks in America. The people of America elected Obama as its first African-American President by ignoring the race factor. This is the definition of a Democratic nation; multi cultural and multi racial here a person joins it by acquiring citizenship by birth or naturalization and from that moment on is the heir to all its cultural and social history. May be Indians can learn some thing from American experience.

Every Indian Leader Religious, Political and Business and the intelligentsia must unite to put an end to the human sufferings of the millions of Indians rather than spreading hatred in the name of religion invented or misinterpreted by them. They must pay attention to the vast majority of Indians whose voice they are ignoring. In the Parliamentary Elections, their voices are barely heard because all the Indian Politicians are promoting their 18th- 19th-century policies based on caste, religion, region and backwardness, not nationalism the “Indian Identity”.They are the sane and rational India with their hopes for a better future, looking for progress, prosperity along with peace and harmony among all citizens.


(Devendra Makkar, is a Community activist and a blogger since 2005. He is based in New Jersey since 1997 and works for a family-owned Financial Services Company since 1997. Married since 1988 and have 2 children. Originally from Delhi, India. The views expressed in this article are his personal.)

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