Meet Captain Mohinder Kaur Sahlot – A World-Class Woman!
| Onkareshwar Pandey - Editor in Chief - CEO, IOP - 19 Mar 2020

A Golden Signature

'A talented woman is better than a thousand untalented men, and a woman of understanding is better than a thousand stupid men,’ Mihri Hatun, a lady poet, had said this centuries ago. However, it is most suitable for the woman like CAPTAIN MOHINDER KAUR SAHLOT.

By Onkareshwar Pandey

She is not only a talented woman but also a woman of understanding, a woman of exceptionally high intellect, a woman of unprecedented courage, a woman of unique beauty and also a woman of unmatchable humanity. She is solid gold and thousands of time better than millions of stupid men like me.

She is an International Gold Medalist in Horse Riding, International Level player in Swimming, First Lady in India to compete and win a gold medal in the first National Canoeing & Kayaking Marathon, Silver Medalist in Swimming-Diving, Bronze Medalist in Shooting, awarded- A+ Grade in mountaineering, A Water Skier, and who has broken Punjab University Record in Swimming by winning 7 Gold Medal out of Eight Events. Hold on let me tell you her professional qualifications, more abilities, and experiences also before I formally introduce you to her.

She has completed Diploma in Management in 1991 from D.I.M.S., L.L.B in 1996, and M.A in 2001 from Meerut University, L.L.M in 2004 from Kurukshetra University in Aviation Law, and Ph.D. in Law in 2006 from Jamia Milia Islamia University Delhi in Aviation Law.

A big Salute to this World-Class woman!

Defining a woman like Captain Mohinder Kaur would be the most arduous task for anyone in this world and for me, it's next to impossible.

Her words of wisdom often strike a deep chord in the hearts of many, giving a glimpse of a world from where one can derive courage, inspiration, and joy, especially in moments of adversity and despair.

Sometimes, women themselves don't know how creative and unpredictable they can be! Their brilliance makes life easy, their smiles are a harbinger of joy, and they are blessed with the power to create life! They are suave, they are delightful, they are mysterious, and they are inseparably intertwined with men for peaceful co-existence of life! History has been a testimony that women are no less than men. But if you meet Captain Mohinder, you will say, women are better than men.

We all know that the woman is the creator of the Universe, indeed true, because as we walk through the journey of Captain Mohinder’s life, we can't resist being in awe of the might of women.

  • You have been a Gold Medalist Athlete, Commercial Pilot, An Advocate and also on the Board of Corporate. How do you describe yourself?

Captain Mohinder: I am an opportunist by nature. Grabbed every assignment came on the path of my professional/personal growth. Thrived in a dynamic environment and quickly adapted to the ever-changing demands of the situation whether it was Aviation, legal, Sports or Corporate Board. Detail-oriented conscientious and organized in all the fields with mental, physical and spiritual growth I achieved favorable outcomes in Mediation and Arbitration cases. I tackle all cases with tenacity and analytical mindset.

  • What is the core objective of your life?

Captain Mohinder: To aspire and achieve progressive knowledge, personal skill, and wisdom.  I want to channelize my hard-earned progressive qualities to their best use in the Aviation sector.

  • What was your first job when you joined the airline?

Captain Mohinder: I started flying in 1990 in a private company. My first job was with Spice jet as a Trainee Pilot from 2011 till 2012. Then I joined White City Aviation as a Co-Pilot from 2009 till 2011. I have been also in regular commercial flights. Right now I am working with Saraya Aviation. I feel at top of my world for working in airlines since 1990. Smiles…

  • Obviously, you are at the top of the world. What have been your achievements since you joined aviation?

Captain Mohinder: I am basically a Commercial pilot with the endorsement of several Aircraft like PUSHPAK, CESSNA-150, CESSNA-152 A, CESSNA-172, CESSNA-172 RG, PIPER SENICA-3, C-90 KING AIR and also endorsed on Boeing- 737-800. I have done Total 700Hrs of flying in India, Philippines & in America.

  • And what is your job profile?

Captain Mohinder: My job profile is Flying for VIP’s and conducting medical evacuation. I have also done various assignments for company in legal affairs. I have handled three emergencies during my service, one with Chief FID, another with V.I.P on board and one while conducting medical evacuation.

  • You are also Chairperson of Aerofield Flying Academy Pvt Ltd. Tell us something about this Academy.

Captain Mohinder: The Aerofield Flying Academy is dealing with buying and selling of Aircraft. We are in the business of arranging spare parts of Aircraft, We also provide consultancy of drafting Sale Deeds, Agreements, Bilateral Agreements, SOP, MOU and Advisory jobs in Aviation. I am also a Life member of Foundation for Aviation & Sustainable Tourism, an Association Registered with ICAO as Supplier of Services (Studies). The Company advises the Govt. Agencies, Airlines, and Airports on how to best protect the airline from increased cost or loss of revenue and how to maintain quality control sale over aero-political and regulatory affairs business cases. And I am on the board of Directors in a Public Limited Company, AHLUWALIA Contracts (India) Ltd and seven other Private Limited Companies.

  • What is the current scenario of women’s participation in aviation?

Captain Mohinder: There is no discrimination in aviation for men and women. The percentage of participation of women has raised 30 percent from 10 percent nowadays. I enjoy every profession equally. But I prefer meditation for mental peace.

  • In sports, you have achieved several gold medals. How do you feel? What was your family reaction in the initial days?

Captain Mohinder: My mom and dad were extremely happy. Even my mom used to visit the event also. My father, Commando Harbans Singh, was in the navy. Because of this, he supported me in my dream. I got my first medal during his office tenure.

  • How many gold medals you have won so far?

Captain Mohinder: I have got more than 100 since my childhood. I have got 250 certificates and more than that. In 1982, I got a national certificate in Kabaddi also.

  • Since you are an all-rounder personality, you have an interest in Shooting, Diving, Horse Riding, Swimming, Flying, etc. which one is your favorite sport?

Captain Mohinder: I love all of these sports, but horse riding is my most favorite sport.

  • During ups and down, which sports do you prefer for mental peace and for relaxation?

Captain Mohinder: I usually prefer swimming. Since there is no limit in the sky, I feel water beyond water and feel relaxed throughout the body.

  • How do you feel the overall condition of athletes In India especially for women?

Captain Mohinder: There is an issue of gender equality in the sports industry. Money is the only factor through which sportspersons are getting into it. There is no place for the poor for getting proper training.

  • The famous shooter from western UP, called ‘Dadi Maa’ once said, that dedication in sports can touch the sky. Is it possible in real life?

Captain Mohinder: See, dedication and passion is there in everyone. But to complete his or her dream, it requires money to achieve it. Poor and dedicated people touching the sky are telecasted in the movie for motivating the public.

  • What do you suggest that the government should do to resolve this problem?

Captain Mohinder: The government should come up with affordable clubs for sportspersons to support talent. Since India is a highly populated country, only 400 peoples are selected on the national team. This is inequality in India. This leads to regret in the minds of struggler that I must have already pursued study and do some job for livelihood. More and more clubs should be reformed.

  • Your family supports you whatever you want to pursue in your life. What is the secret of your success?

Captain Mohinder: Availability of opportunity, which I took over that time. I always explored the resources so that I could be updated. I kept doing those for achieving my passion. My family supported me a lot but not 100 percent, so that I should not stick to one resource.

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