Budget of modern India
| Adv Vineet Dubey, IOP-Legal Correspondent, Allahabad - 08 Feb 2020
India's longest budget speech has tried to lay the groundwork for the future by taking the present ground reality instead of luring promises. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the general budget keeping in mind the needs of the economy and showing the determination to deal with the current recession and achieve future goals. Broadly this budget may be disappointing, but at the basic level, this budget has been thought to strengthen the economic structure. Many new schemes have been announced to provide relief to taxpayers trapped in the tax net. It has been said to appoint officers in the form of the 'Taxpayer Charter' to settle complaints of taxpayers and other disputes soon. For example, if there is a mistake while depositing tax, there was no such provision before or no such officer was fixed, who can handle these cases within a certain time frame, then the income taxpayers would get harassed for a long time. Was, but now with this announcement, the time period of disposal will be fixed. Similarly, keeping in mind the security of deposits in the bank and the interest of the account holders, the insurance guarantee of the deposit has been extended, that in case of bank failure, the customer will get an amount of up to 5 lakh as insurance guarantee amount. The amount was only ₹ 1 lakh. A provision of ₹ 27 crores has been made to give impetus to domestic industries. A new scheme of subordinate loans has been launched for the MSME sector to bring small and medium enterprises into the foreign market, which will give a boost to domestic products and industry. Several new schemes for agriculture were also launched in the agriculture-oriented country budget. In order to provide remunerative prices to the farmers and for easy availability of food items to the common man, the government has announced two schemes named 'Kisan Rail' and 'Krishi Udaan'. Will persist.
The problem of sale and availability of perishable products like fruits, vegetables, and milk will be eliminated. The PPP model will create goods-godowns at the block level, which will improve the storage system, as well as the safety, prosperity, and future of fishermen. The government has thought to give benefits through fisheries processing to the youth living in the coastal areas so that more than 32 lakh youths are directly supported every day. Doors will | To overcome the problem of employment, a 'National Recruitment Agency' will also be created, through which there will be major improvements in the appointment of non-gazetted employees in government and public sector companies, as well as many to provide employment to youth abroad. Such new bridge courses will be prepared, in which youth will be taught the skills as well as the language of the country concerned. Yes, there is the transport system, so has been allocated Krond 1.70 million for projects related to the country's transport infrastructure | Along with this, a provision of Rs 3.37 lakh crore has been made in the defense budget, increasing the security budget by 5.83 percent, out of which 1.13 lakh crore rupees will be used to buy new weapons, aircraft, warships, and other military equipment. With this, keeping in mind the empowerment of women, the promotion of female education as well as the marriage age of girls for safe motherhood It can also be increased. ₹ 28 thousand crores will be spent for programs related to women. More than 6 lakh Anganwadi workers will be given smartphones. The poor will be provided with free treatment near the house. Overall, it can be said that this is a visionary budget for future expectations.

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