Views of Urdu Dailies on CAA, NPR, and NRC
| Dr Mohammad Aleem - Editor, Minority Affairs, IOP - 17 Jan 2020

Editors of Urdu Dailies take a different view from what usually news channels take. People of minority community have even stopped watching a large number to those channels which look partial and favor most of the time to the government policies and actions.

By Dr. Muhammad Aleem, Editor, Minority Affairs, Indian Observer Post

I daily read seven top Hindi newspapers, one Urdu and two English newspapers. In most of them, I have found that our editors take a different view from what usually our channels take. People have even stopped watching a large number to those channels which look partial and favor most of the time to the government policies and actions.

But I have found that the leading Urdu newspaper, Inquilab, which is a part of the Jagran Group, keeps it views quite differently. In fact, I find it just opposite from what it adopts in its Hindi newspaper.

On January 16, 2020 editorial, the Inquilab writes:

“The One Month of the Agitation: It has been now complete one month when the protest against the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) and NPR & NRC had started. Many things happened good and bad these days. The worst thing happened was that the police beat up mercilessly to the students of Jamia Millia Islamia and Aligarh Muslim University. And then, an ugly incident happened at Jawaharlal Nehru University. In the presence of the police, some masked men and women entered the campus and beat up mercilessly to the students associated with the left ideologies. In UP, police acted brutally against the protestors. It fired bullets on people. It posted notices even to those houses whose guardians are no more. It sent notices to people for the destruction of the government properties without examining who was the main culprit.

But the best thing happened that it has brought people of all religious communities and secular credentials on one platform. However, the government tried to paint them with various derogatory words as the Urban Naxals andTukde-Tukde Gang etc. But the fact is that the government is perplexed and doesn’t find a way to curb the agitation.”

On the same editorial page, its chief editor, Shakil Shmasi writes, “The Government should start a dialogue with the agitating people or go to referendum. It is my solemn request to the central government that it should shun the path of confrontation. It should assuage to the protesting public that their citizenship rights will not be snatched away forcibly. And if Narendra Modi wants to know what the general opinion is about the CAA and proposed NRC & NPR in the country, then, he should go for a referendum. He will come to know the truth.”

The former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India has said which has been quoted by Perwez Hafeez on the same editorial page of Inquilab’s opinion article, titled, “I Appeal to the Children of our Nation to keep this Country Safe”.

He further writes:

“The former Governor of Reserve Bank of India, Raghu RamRajan got so impressed with this agitation that he said that it is just like a burning candle in the dark night. The people of different faiths and backgrounds, especially, youths are participating in the protests with the national flag in their hands and destroying those walls which had been erected by the political leaders for their own vested interests.”

I do think that it is enough to read the writing on the wall of the time clearly. If still, the Modi Government persists and fails to take it into account the hard realities, it will prove costly. Image courtesy - Siyasat / Twitter

(Dr. Mohammad Aleem is a Sanskriti Award-winning writer and journalist, wrote three novels in English, two in Urdu, two plays in Urdu (including, Imam-e-Hind:Ram based on the great epic Valmiki Ramayan) and more than two dozen serials for the different TV channels. Some of his books are, Rabia: Through All Joys and Sorrows, Sacred Solitude, Three Strange Prophecies, and many others. These books have been published by Penguin Books India, National Book Trust, India, Lifi Publications, Sampreshan Multimedia Pvt. Ltd. and Magnifera Publications. Contact:

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