Indoor care in Winter
| Sayali Vaidya - Poet & Writer, Delhi - 03 Dec 2019

Indoor care in Winter


Winter is considered to be good because in agriculture a big snowpack helps insulate the ground, gives the soil plenty of water in warmer months and can help protect crops like berries and fruit!

But this is not a case in Delhi! In winter, due to the presence of fog, suspended particles present in air, come down and get trapped in fog.

This causes the Suspended Particulate Index (SPI) to increase beyond the limits!

So in winter in Delhi, the media constantly announces try to avoid the maximum outside activities, and just go outside if it is important, otherwise, stay at home!

We spent most of the time sitting at home, office, School, College, in short, indoors! But have we ever thought that air present in indoors can also be polluted?

Activities like painting, lightening of Dhoop Sticks, Agarbatti, Mosquito Coil also spread pollution.

In fact, it is said that there is approximately12% more pollution indoors if compared to that of the outside.
Now the question arises, 'how can we prevent indoor pollution?'

We can prevent it by taking the following steps!

  • Open the doors and windows for some time and allow the air to be playful
  • Allow exposure to sunlight
    Sunlight often makes your house warm and regulates the temperature of your house
  • Keep your curtains clean; wash them periodically so that no dust is emitted into your house by the curtains!
  • Keep pollution absorbing plants like Areca palm, Holy Palm; Bamboo Palm etc. inside your home so that they absorb most of the pollutants present in your house and emit oxygen!

With this, you filter the air present inside your house.

Now, you all must be thinking that if plants are kept indoors then won't they allow mosquito breeding! But such plants don't!

They also don't attract bacteria and are easy to maintain!

They are said to purify air more if compared to other usual plants!

So, prevent indoor pollution first, then take steps to prevent outdoor pollution!

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