An Open letter to PM Modi from a Modi Bhakta
| Yajin Bhatt - Independent Journalist, Delhi - 10 Sep 2019

This is an unedited open letter to PM Modi written by a Modi Bhakta. - Editor

Dear Honourable Modi Ji,

I am feeling immense pleasure while writing to your good self, with hopes & prayers for your wellbeing and nations progress.

As a matter of fact, the foundation of nations progress & prosperity depends on two important factors- Economic and sociocultural development. It becomes difficult for any ruler to keep both on the same track. But the fact that emerges is that Economic growth & economic establishments never pave way for sociocultural growth of any nation. As in today's USA here Cultural & social values as such have taken a back seat on contrary most of the European nations preferred sociocultural growth in the form of “RENAISSANCE” which automatically laid the foundation of their successful economies as realised today.

The entire nation should be thankful to your good self to review the glory of this great nation as a world leader as it was thousands of years ago. Working day & night tirelessly is praiseworthy and will surely bear long term fruits.  At present, the economic situation of our country is grim with thousands & lakhs having no jobs in their hands.

Furthermore, with the policies, like demonetisation, GST etc, our countries unorganised sector was severely hit, which affected the business and economy at the local end. Barring a few the common man accepted these challenges for the long term benefit of nation and with the trust that “Modi Hai to Mumkinhai”.. our ship will never be directionless as long you are the captain.

Because of the strict measures adopted to awaken the PSU’s from a deep slumber, milestones were set for them. Those which could not perform had to scum to the deep competition just like Air India, BSNL etc. because of the unethical & cheap bureaucracy they lost their business as their third-party vendors got worst hit for none of their faults.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I also became the victim of the retrenchment policy of the present market. Rendering me unemployed from my lucrative job as General Manager of the company. Annually I used to pay more than 5 lakhs towards income tax and today a job worth Rs 5 lakh is no were in sight.

Hon’ble PM sir, pre2014, while filing my IT returns, I used to regret, realising that my hard-earned money is not in safe hands. The entire country was engulfed in corruption and scams but now I do not regret even if I sacrificed my job for better tomorrow, even if I will have to till toil still harder, as a sole member earner for my family. But am quite confident of the silver lining that will emerge out from no matter darkest of the clouds. For 130 million population, you are the source of inspiration and for me, you are leader & protagonist.

Your bold decisions are not any vote bank politics but a vision to make this country a world leader. The recent scrapping of Articles 370, 35A which was rotting the state of J&K from inside, turned all my sorrows into joy, make my sorrows vanish in thin air. Different schemes launched by your good self like Swatchh Bharat, BetiBachaoBetipadao,anti-illegal immigration laws like NRC etc; anti-corruption bills by strengthening the organisations like NIA, zero tolerance towards terrorism and Muchmore.All these things have earned you and my country especial status among nations. The recent feather in the cap is your presence in G-7 Summit.

The stature, the respect and the honour which my country has acquired, I don’t mind and regret or remorse my condition because the progress of my Nation is important than my personal achievements.

Thanking You

Yajin Bhatt

Representational Image, Courtesy - BJP / Twitter



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