“Meiteisingee Ethnography” released By Minister L Jayanta Kumar

Sanjoo Thangjam, Special Correspondent 

A book titled “Meiteisingee Ethnography” was released today by Art and Culture Minister by L Jayanta Kumar at Manipur State Museum, Imphal in a function organised by Sapam Hera Foundation Tera Keitharl, Imphal.

Speaking in the function as a Chief Guest, he said that there is a need for a system based model which will change accordingly along with the change in time.

Minister Jayantakumar asserted that we have our own traditions, belief system, culture and social norms and for that, one should take up responsibilities to protect and uphold our aged old traditional laws which have been passing down since time immemorial by our forefathers. 

Minister Jayantakumar said that the book will definitely serve its purpose as it basically speaks volumes on Manipur's traditions and further commented that the book defines the ethno-heritage records of Manipur in a very systematical manner and assured that the book will slowly and surely, undoubtedly benefit the young researchers and scholars who are working in the field of ethnography.

The function was also attended by Chairman, Manipur Tourism development Corporation. Ltd. MLA, Dr. Sapam Ranjan Singh, President , Manipur Historical Society, Imphal, Prof. N. Joykumar Singh, Director , Mutua Museum, Keisampat, Mutua Bahadur, Prof. Nabakumar as President and Guests of Honour respectively.

And last but not the least, the Minister stressed about the importance role played by the media in propagating awareness of Manipur's aged old cultural traditions and its identity.

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