Doctors Advise Beverages to Stay Healthy in Summer
| Aashi Prateek - Intern, IOP, Patna - 05 Jul 2019

By Aashi Prateek

Patna, July 5, 2019: With the increase in throbbing heat the demand for beverages has increased amongst pedestrian and office going employees on the hot days in the capital city of Bihar. The soaring temperature has made people more conscious about their health. Medical experts have recommended for consuming a lot of water to keep hydrated. Regular intake of fluids and fruits are advised by doctors to maintain energy level throughout the day since the body loses fluids due to lots of sweating during hot weather. Beverages play a very important role in keeping the skin glowing and also keeps our body healthy.

Dr. Kranti Chandan Jaykar is a famous dermatologist and Skin Specialist in Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Science(IGIMS) near Bailey Road in Patna. He said, “Summer boil, prickly heat can be named a common disease that is happened in the summer season. Another disease in this season is excess fatness due to the consumption of sugar. Tomato, cucumber, Armenian cucumber are the best vegetables to keep hydrated and to glow the skin”.

Dr. Nigam Prakash Narayan, a pediatrician from the same Institute near Bailey road in City, said that exposure of the new infant to harsh sunlight during the month of May-July can lead to heat fever, heat extortion, heat syncope, etc. Heat Hyper paraxial is another serious disease in which fever could be reached up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The only solution is feeding a baby with plenty of water according to temperature.

Dr. Pratyush Kumar, a physician at Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) near Makhania Kuan road in Capital city of Bihar, said, “Our body is very sensitive during these days. Heat stroke is a very common problem amongst office-going employees and school going children. Symptoms of heat stroke are vomiting, weakness, dehydration, excessive sweating. Lack of electrolytes like sodium and potassium are also responsible for body cramp. A diseased person must be careful since diseases are most active in summer season”. He further advised everyone to wear pure cotton clothes throughout heat mercury days.

While medical experts are giving their 100 percent to keep people from summer effects, and other individuals are also following beverages to keep hydrated for a day. Whenever I go to college, I strictly follow the instruction. I prefer the desi style to keep hydrated. By consuming sattu pani (a desi beverage sold in Bihar), aam panna, etc, I feel refresh and chilled. Other drinks like Mojito and Chocolate shake are also good for health, said, Ria, a resident of Patliputra colony in Patna city.

Tanya Poddar, a resident of Kankarbagh in Patna, said, “Since I go to the gym for my fitness in the summer season, water is the first choice to keep me hydrated during the day. I also prefer to fruits smoothie and Desi beverages like soda (salty) and am a piano while going to school”.

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