Minister to Farmers: Draught Parameters Not Yet at The Panic Level

By Sanjoo Thangjam, Special Correspondent

Manipur, July 3, 2019: With the prevailing condition of deficit rainfall in Manipur, the Agriculture Department of the state have already prepared to purchase 100 water pumps as its first measure to tackle possible draught in the state and a rice nursery of 11 hectares.

Therefore, the Agriculture Minister V Hangkhanlian have said that the farmers in the state should not panic of/with the prevailing condition as the department is preparing to take up all the required necessary measures and steps to tackle draught incase if it happens.

Briefing media at the office chamber of the Minister in Imphal today, he said that the draught parameters in the state has not reach a level where the government can officially declare draught though there is a high possiblity of  experiencing draught like suitation due to less rainfall.

As a preparatory measures, Agriculture Department had already apprised the Chief Minister to allocate special funds from planning department to purchase 100 water pumps. Moreover, the concerned department have already prepared for it as its first measures to face draught in the state.

Since different farmers in the state are in no position to prepare a rice nursery because of the less rainfall, the Agriculture Department after a thorough discussion with the concerned officials have finally agreed to prepare rice nursery of 10 hectares at fields under Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) and 1 hectare under Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Thoubal district, Manipur.

The said nursery will arrange everything that is required by using the latest methods of nursery preparation where 100 square meter of nursery will be able to provide saplings for 1 hectare. Besides that 2 lakhs of 90,000 bags of fertilizers is at stock with the department and another 50,000 will be reaching the state soon said the Minister.

He further apprised that a special team is presently conducting a survey to see the present situation of the paddy fields in different areas of Manipur and also said that the area of the nursery can be increased to fulfill the demands accordingly.

However, to avoid any leakage while distributing the fertilizers, it will be distributed systematically with the land records along with Adhar cards of the farmers.

The Minister further said that in view of all the needful measures which is going to be taken up, the farmers should need not worry or panic with the prevailing condition.

Apart from insurance given by the Minister, the State Director of Agriculture Department Laltanpuii Vanchhawng delivered the message that under Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana, 460 number of water harvesting ponds, 1388 sprinkle sets, 30 micro storage and 50 drainage network has already been implemented in the state till date.

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