Want Your Company To Succeed With Less Employees?
| Amrita Rohira, Freelance Writer, Delhi - 26 Jun 2019

Here’s How You Can Get the Best Quality in Lesser Quantity

By Amrita Rohira

New Delhi, June 26, 2019:

Every business firm wants to achieve heights of success. Undoubtedly, yes. But is it true that it demands to have a pretty good human resource? Well in terms of quality, yes, but what about quantity? Here, the answer is not really.

So comes the fact that how a company is dealing with its employees, how much effort as a result the employees are putting in for the company, what is the company’s climate, what is the culture the employees are creating for each other, etc.; these are some facets that matter the most when we talk about the growth and success of a company in terms of human resource.

Here are some key areas wherein a company should focus on so that it prospers and that too without having the extra burden of paying more employees, instead of uncovering the best output from that limited quality.

Directing Your Feedback in Constructive Direction

Feedback is vital to any task. Positive feedback and appreciation to employees when they do something extraordinary works as a driving force to encourage them to do much more and thereby increases productivity.

On the other hand when a task is not accomplished or something is done wrongly, in that case, a calculative, motivating and tactfully structured feedback will very well serve the purpose which otherwise negative feedback can hamper. Here, the key is thoughtful communication.

Respect. Well, that’s the Key!

Believe it or not, everybody expects and looks forward to being respected.

So, why don’t get the ball in your court and make your employees do their jobs out of the box and go the extra mile for the success of your company?

When the genuineness of your respectful nature is felt is by the employees, they will naturally get motivated to put in more than their best for the company. As this will foster a feeling of ‘our own company’ rather than we are working in a so and so company in the employee’s mind.

Recognition and Reward, Both Have an Equivalent Hold

Well, that’s another plus point. At times recognition boosts the morale of an employee even more than money. Yes, rewarding comes as an additional booster which again provokes the employee’s instinct to do the ‘hardly possible’ tasks.

Therefore, when a company is having fewer employees it can very well manage to reward the best performances by the employees be it through incentives or any gifts or even recognition, which indeed is a powerful motivator to enhance the employee’s output generating capacity.

Eliminating the Tyranny

Eliminating the top-down control will not only solve the problem of occasional control freak but will also accredit the lower level employees.

A longer hierarchy will certainly create more approval seeking layers and slower responses thereby creating a feeling of being less superior or authoritative in the minds less graded employees.

Fewer employees mean there is no such big hierarchy wherein there is a great probability that an employee’s ideas get killed in the mid-way or are altered or are presented to the seniors by somebody else’s name who enjoys the cake just like that.

A Harvard Business Review says,” there are hundreds of employees in management-related functions, such as finance, human resources, and planning. Their job is to keep the organization from collapsing under the weight of its own complexity. Assuming that each manager earns three times the average salary of a first-level employee, direct management costs would account for 33% of the payroll. Any way you cut it, management is expensive.”

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