Strike to Demand Inclusion of Meitei in ST List in Manipur

Strike to Demand Inclusion of Meitei in ST List in Manipur

UTPCM has strongly objected the demand 


By Brown Nongmaithem with Thangjam Sanjoo

Imphal, March 7, 2019: Schedule Tribe Demand Committee Manipur calls 30 hours general strike on the 6 valley districts of Manipur denouncing the government over failure in sending 
the recommendation for the inclusion of Meetei/Meitei on schedule tribe list.

Speaking to media 
personS Co-convener of coordinating body of STDCM, L.Romesh Meetei said that due to the resolution taken on the 3rd of March during the gigantic rally to call general strike on the Valley if the government fails to send required recommendation to the central government by the 6th of March.


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Romesh further appealed to shut all business activities including street vendors and other offices at all the valley area. Transporters are also appealed to support the demand by stopping service during the general strike.


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He also warned serious consequences if any state function or state examination are organised during the general strike.
Romesh further clarified that all essential services, media persons and other religious activities will not be cover during the30 hour general strike. He also added that candidates of central examination will also be exempted during the strike.


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Brown Nongmaithem -

Finally, he also appealed the people of the state irrespective of their communities to support the movement.

Whereas on the other hand the United Tribal Peoples' Council Manipur (UTPCM) has strongly objected the demand raised by Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee Manipur (STDCM) for inclusion of Meiteis in the ST list.


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A press release issued by the association claimed that there are clear criteria for identifying a community as Scheduled Tribe which include factors like indication of primitive traits, distinctive culture, geographical isolation, shyness of contact with the community at large and backwardness.

Stating that these may not be spelt out in the Constitution but is well established and cannot be deviated from, UTPCM alleged that the Meitei community does not qualify for even one of the said criteria.



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Stating that the Meitei community is the most advanced community, not only in the State but also in the whole North East region, the association made it clear that the Meiteis cannot be specified as ST.

It continued that the tribal people cannot be treated on par with the Meitei community and explained that Meiteis and tribal people are different and are two different groups of people in all respects.


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Claiming that the tribal communities are inadequately represented in public services, a situation which has not improved till date, and their economic status are extremely low, UTPCM stated that it will vehemently oppose the demand of theSTDCM.

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