Modi Should Get the PoK Back from Pakistan
| S Kumar Saha, Business Editor, IOP, Mumbai - 06 Mar 2019

Modi Should Get the PoK Freed from Pakistan

By S Kumar

Edited by Onkareshwar Pandey & Didhiti Ghosh

Kolkata/Mumbai, March 06, 2019: Much has been written about the recent terror attack by the IAF at Balakot in Pakistan and about the losses of 47 Indian soldiers on the Pulwama attack.

No Impact of Abhinandan’s Release on LoC - By Jaibans Singh -

After that Jammu & Kashmir was instructed by the Pak Supreme Court, the Army and the ISI to keep good distance from politics, as India neither can expect neither any solution nor any miracle soon, be it military power or civilian power ruling Pakistan. Hardly any elected government completed its full terms except once Benazir Bhutto.

Balakot Air Strike: See Proof Don’t Ask for It - By R K SINHA

The Pak Constitution empowers the Army with supreme rights, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) second in command and at the third level comes the Government, though in any country the Supreme Court is considered having the highest accordance.

However, in Pakistan, if these forces don't pass in favour of the Army or the ISI, the Judges are harsh and give bureaucratic dictates which have resulted in bloody confronts.

Window on Pakistan Media By VK Gaur -

Unlike India, the political scenario in Pakistan is also sleazy and filthy. At present, the self-styled celebrity cricketer after forming political outfit two decades ago has become another boot polisher of the Pak military. Imran, as cricket captain was aggressively patriotic but his personal life was always controversial, all marriages unsuccessful, he is upset and drug addicted and still is.

His lack of moral character and sexual exploits are well known. The present PM can be called as a director's actor and in the Pak military, he is always the director. He can never be a role model for the youth, and his party PTI is not at all a non-controversial political wing in that country.

Pakistan’s Posture Post Balakot: a Lull before the Storm - By Jasbir Sarai -

Ever since his cricket days, Imran has been friend till it suits him. His party PTI was behind the popular social media trend “Balla Ghumao Bharat Bhagao” to catch voters.

He even called himself “Suleiman the Magnificent” (the Ottoman Sultan), treat women as “Roxelana” as disclosed by his ex wife Reham. As long as he remains in power, he will have to keep the Army and the ISI pleased and in every act of decision making, he will have to consult with them before considering any steps unlike his civilian predecessors. He is unlikely to be serious towards the Kashmir issue which is one of the most valuable weapons to catch voters in the country.

The GDP of Pakistan is almost nil and added to that he can't expect much international aids from America to survive. On the other hand, China needs to complete its much-invested dream project of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), so Pakistan is ready to team up. 

Why Pakistan Media is Silent on Masood Azhar? By VK Gaur -

The Pak PM’s ex-wife Reham, a BBC broadcaster spoke to the writer at her recent visit to India on friendly gesture disclosed that Imran wants to implement his blasphemy laws everywhere which is not welcome by all. All eyes are fixed now on the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) for their decision on Pakistan as well on terrorism in this ongoing conclave.

 The strategic releasing of our IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan was under international pressure for which all Maulabis and Ultras are unhappy. The decision was taken because PTI Govt wanted to show the world that they want peace and harmony after the Pulwama massacre. However, the fact is that they were unable to gather support from any of the World's Nations, including the United States of America, China and Sri Lanka.                                                                                                

Paradigm Shift in India's Pak and Terror Policy By Major Saras C Tripathi -

To run the government Imran has to be highly dependent on China, where their mutual relations will determine the fate of the Economic Corridor covering Gilgit-Baltistan reaches up to the region of Baluchistan.

The population in these areas consists mostly of tribals and minorities. These tribals especially the Baloch never consider themselves as the mainstream Pakistani, as they have been deprived by Pakistan for years where basic demands have been ignored.

A good portion of Pak economy comes from the port areas especially from Gwadar port in Baluchistan where China has much interest but people in the area are still neglected. As far as the power of Pakistan is concerned Balochistan is a region where if it departs from Pakistan, the PoK is another area which will be relied upon for crucial resources.

Did Indian Submarine Enter Pak Waters? By VK Gaur -

India should try to get the areas of PoK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) back and freed from the illegal occupation of Pakistan and openly support the freedom movement of people of Balochistan. It should provide shelter to Baloch leaders in exile like Dalai Lama and let him be a free religious leader.

We are losing our soldiers day after day and huge sums of money are being drained. By this act, not only will Pakistan and China get the message, but also even separatists living in India supporting Pakistan, hosting its flag in our soil, killing our troops and doing all anti-Indian activities. Now the time has come for India to be tough to them so that no separatists and ultras will be allowed to be born again in any part of the country.

At last but not the least I would advise our Prime Minister Narendra Modi if his Govt really wishes India good, should skip a visit to Pakistan and snap all bilateral ties with it until this rogue country destroys all the terrorists’ abbots in its soil and accept that J&K is an integral part of India.

(Edited by Didhiti Ghosh, Bureau Chief (Kolkata), IOP. Contact:


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