What Next After the Landslide Victory of Sheikh Hasina in Bangladesh?
| Virendra Kumar Gaur, Former IG, BSF - 07 Jan 2019

What Next After the Landslide Victory of Sheikh Hasina in Bangladesh?

  • By V K Gaur

New Delhi, Jan 06, 2019: Sheikh Hasina for the fourth time led Awami League (AL) to a landslide victory in Parliamentary elections held on 30th December 2018. The Ruling alliance led by AL won 288 seats, BNP led opposition front secured 7 and others 3 seats. Voting took place for 299 seats.

A hundred BNP candidates lost deposits as they couldn't secure one-tenth of their adversaries' tally. In the last election debacle, 10BNP candidates lost deposits.

Sheikh Hasina's laudable success comes in the wake of her clean and development-oriented rule. She worked to wipe out corruption. The younger generation of voters was happy and solidly behind her party because the trial of Bangabandhu's assassins and that of Pakistani collaborators charged with the commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity was conducted successfully. Most of them have been convicted and punished. Patriotic voters are hopeful of the conclusion of the ongoing trial of the assassins of four national leaders—Tajuddin Ahmed, Syed Nazrul Islam, Captain Mansur Ali and Syed Kamaruzzaman.

BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia is in jail for 17 years following conviction on charges of corruption. Her right hand and acting chairperson son Rehman is in London. He too is a convict and fugitive. The Opposition Front was led by Dr. Kamal Hussain former cabinet minister of Shiekh Mujib. His close confidants were BNP and Jamat -e -Islami. Main opposition front carried an image of ‘rightist reactionaries’ and ‘fundamentalists’.Hasina held a banner of secularism and pro-liberation forces.

The outcome of election results is also indicative of the failure of the Pak ISI and pro-Pak forces. ISI operatives were holding secret meetings with BNP. The BNP was seeking help, guidance, and information for elections.

Hasina, who led BD thrice earlier as PM is a competent administrator and far-sighted leader. She alerted her intelligence /counterintelligence establishments. She reportedly also received valuable intelligence inputs from friendly countries and drew her election strategy accordingly.

BNP fielded a far greater number of cover candidates than total seats. Most of them were without central aid, guidance and leadership. They were outclassed by AL field workers. Initially, they cried wolf, alleged attacks by AL workers and created an uproar of police highhandedness. Simultaneously they torched AL election offices, dwellings of candidates and attacked election processions of AL-led front.

They approached foreign observers against AL, Police and election commission with numerous allegations. There were 40,000polling booths. The observers were not in a position to reach far off areas.  There were clashes in which18 persons were killed and well over 200 injured from both the fronts.

Police reportedly were generally fair and firm. The Election Commission and the Judiciary were prompt and impartial. They provided succor and necessary relief to aggrieved contestant without fear or favour.

The opposition demanded re-election and the newly elected MPs boycotted oath-taking ceremony on 3 Jan. 19.

Sheikh Hasina has a comfortable majority. Her priorities are many. She has to work for corruption-free governance, focus on development, ensure the safety of minorities and secular forces, establish close cooperation with neighbouring countries and initiate stern action against terrorist out fits.

Awami League made special mention of improving a relationship with India in a manifesto.

Therefore, India must reciprocate and strengthen ties in the field of economic co-operation, security and intelligence, defence, science and technology, education and cultural affairs.

Covert penetration of anti- Indian elements in armed forces and national intelligence establishments of BD is over and there are no signs forces working to promote terrorism or Mughalastan. The insurgents of NE India have literally no place to create bases in BD.

Indian media must find time and space for news and views on Bangladesh. Its culture is rich and has a formidable group of educated elites who would love frequent cultural exchanges.

Photo Courtesy –New Age BD (Indicative File Picture)

(The writer Mr VK Gaur is former IG, BSF and has written more than 50 Books on the issues related to Defence, Strategy and Internal security. )

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of Indian Observer Post and Indian Observer Post does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

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