Indian youth should not become job seeker, they should become job givers: PKD Nambiar
| Onkareshwar Pandey - 23 Jan 2018

Indian youth should not become job seeker, they should become job givers: PKD Nambiar

  • A highly motivating Seminar organised at NYF 2018 in collaboration with Nagrik Foundation
  • Top Speakers discussed 'The Role of the Youth in making India Golden again'

Greater Noida, UP (India), Jan 22, 2018: "It is vital for the young generation to develop ethical behaviour and commitment to the purpose. The world is looking towards India for its existence in culture, economy and workforce; and Indian youngsters will be the workforce for the world of tomorrow," said Pooran C Pandey, Global CEO of DOC Research Centre, Germany. Pandey was addressing a seminar in the 22nd National Youth Festival 2018 at Gautam Buddha University Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh held recently.

Organised by Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, National Youth Festival 2018 witnessed a highly motivating seminar on the 3rd day of the Festival when several speakers of National and International repute gathered to talk about the "Role of the Youths in making India Golden again."

Pandey, the brain behind several campaigns launched by the Times of India, like India Poised, Teach India, Lead India and Social Impact Awards during his tenure as the Director of Times Foundation, said, ' India's emerging global leadership role clearly hinges around education and ethical values of its people, which is bound to be amplified, going forward'.

Speaking on the occasion, PKD Nambiar, a highly acclaimed speaker, social worker and entrepreneur said, "Generation of today should develop an entrepreneurial attitude, don't look for a job, start a venture of the smallest size, it will grow as India is growing. We are on the land of Ram, Krishna, Budha, Nanak and there is no better and pious place than this in the world, we have to make it Golden Bird again". The entire hall echoed with the claps of the youth when Nambiar said, "Youth should not become job seeker, they should become job givers as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has envisioned."  Nambiar got huge applauds when he presented his speech in his own style in English and Hindi both.

Satnam Singh Chahal, Executive Director of US-NAPA (North America Punjabi Association) and CEO of US-Indo Media Group tried to motivate speakers to spread good behaviour and do good to others who are in need, saying, "it will come back to you in many folds". Sharing his own experience, Chahal, who went to the US about three decades ago and established business chain there, said," Take chance and risk in life and travel the world, do not fear to travel, you will make fortune for yourself and for your country. Traveling offers great learning." Chahal's story of his success in the US was highly appreciated by the youth who also asked his suggestions for those aspiring to go to the US for jobs or learning.

Dr Rahul Singh, Professor of Marketing at BIMTEC addressed the youth in his own style and said, "Be sincere in whatever you do, respect yourself and be confident in life. Remember that you are important for your country and only your hard work can make your country, remember how Japan, Korea, Singapore are built around the hard work of young population of these countries. Singh further built up the momentum of the seminar, by interacting with the youth who responded very warmly and enthusiastically to his questions.

Dr Manorama Bakshi, Senior Advisor, India Consensus, A partnership between the Tata Trusts and Copenhagen Consensus Centre talked about the urgent need of connecting with young people throughout the country to find out what they think are the priorities that the nation need to address. She spoke about how ‘Youths of India’’ had played a huge role in the freedom struggle of the country.

The participation of youths in the second Lok Sabha was 32% and in the first Lok Sabha, we had an average age of cabinet at 32 years. Subsequently, there has been a decline in the participation of youths in key political and social initiatives.  We have to consider that population continues to grow younger (our median age is 25), our Parliament continues to grow older. She shared her own experiences of daring and taking initiatives in the life of Kashmir Diaspora. "Looking at the Meridian Youth in India, every youth should come forward and remove their doubts, face challenges and hurdles and be active participants in making India golden," said Manorama.

The youth attending the seminar in the main Hall (No-1) of Gautam Buddha University Greater Noida, listed among the Top Ten best architecturally designed universities in the world, became highly charged when Onkareshwar Pandey, a senior Journalist and Executive President of Broadcasters Club of India, who also represented Nagrik Foundation, motivated them to focus on their own strength and create a new path of success with Language, Technology, Innovative Ideas and Courage. He asked the youth, how long you will be looking at the Icons of our society who created history in the past. "Now this is the time for you to create new chapters in the history by writing new stories of successes and make the India Golden again". 

Pandey encouraged the youth to participate and take benefit of Modi Government's schemes such as Skill India, Digital India and Startup India and stand up on their own feet. He also praised the efforts of NYKS DG Maj. Gen. Dilawar Singh for organising such a highly successful festival in a very short span of time. He reminded the Youths about the contribution of Gen. Dilawar Singh in countering terrorism in the Jammu and Kashmir valley during his tenure and also in organising Yoga amongst the Muslim Kashmiri Women.  With his highly charged tone and metallic voice,  Pandey compelled the audience to give standing ovation thrice during his motivational speech.  

The Director-General of Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan Major General Dilawar Singh, the sole guiding force behind NYF 2018 who was present throughout the seminar expressed his gratitude and gave a vote of thanks to the Guests and Speakers for their valuable time and suggestions to the youth, who have come from across the country. He also gave a memento to Pooran Pandey on behalf of NYKS. The seminar was organised by NYKS in collaboration with Nagrik Foundation.

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