Recycling and Reusing of Waste is Crucial for Future: Paco
| Onkareshwar Pandey - 07 Nov 2018

Exclusive Interview with PACO BUERBAUM, an expert on the waste management, entrepreneur and CEO of a Germany based company SOENT by ONKARESHWAR PANDEY


“Reusing of any kind of waste is crucial for the future of any city-country. Recycling is the future, and the efforts in developing technologies are worth,” says Paco Buerbaum, an expert on the waste management, entrepreneur and CEO of a Germany based company SOENT. Paco Buerbaum is an international expert with a profound knowledge in management and implementation for projects in the different industries. Paco gained diverse working experiences in different sectors in Germany, USA, Spain, and Latin America. Paco has been involved in the different project with companies like Loro Parque (Spain), National Geographic (USA), IPK International (Germany). As CEO of SOENT, Paco Buerbaum is involved in various international projects, management processes, and negotiations, leading the SOENT team and cooperating closely with partners in different regions of the world. Paco is also a trained expert in the development, construction and a well-known operator in the hotel industry in Germany. Furthermore, Paco has indeed knowledge in landscape tourism development and theme parks. Working in real estate development, construction, landscape development, and as a consultant in these fields.

Paco Buerbaum was in Delhi recently when Onkareshwar Pandey, Editor in Chief of Indian Observer Post, got a chance to Interview him on the issues related to waste management and the new technologies used in Germany for the waste disposal or recycling. Here are the excerpts:


Question: In recent years, considerable effort has been made into quantifying the reuse and recycling potential of waste generated by wastewater treatment plants in residential buildings. Unfortunately, less information is available for the commercial refurbishment sector. What do you think?

- Reusing of any kind of waste is crucial for the future of any city-country. I believe that recycling is the future, and the efforts in developing technologies are worth. Many of the recycling technologies are new and unknown. Sometimes it is not easy to bring them into the market. We see that the interest is considerable, but in many countries, it is a challenge to deal with a different mindset and with corruption. 

Question: In your opinion what is the key to a successful waste management in cities?

- To raise awareness among people. A good waste management is a warranty for a better life in the cities.

Question: What do you think about the status of waste management in Indian Cities?

- You still have a long way to go, which also means that you have a great opportunity. Many of your cities are big, which means that a well-planned waste management can be very profitable.

Question: What can mayors do to improve local waste management systems?

- Local waste management means job creation by having a cleaner city producing reusable material. What I mean is that you promote wealth by creating jobs, and quality of life.


Question: What kind of system would you suggest that may include technical, social, financial, and institutional dimensions?

- There are many kinds of technology options. I believe that there is not a single solution to a problem. This has to be analyzed, to determine the best technology for a specific place.

Question: What kind of Technology is there in your Country, Germany, for the vast waste management?

- There are many options, but there is one I like very much. It is called HTC, Hydro thermal carbonization. In all city, the sewage sludge has become a major problem. The HTC technology uses the sewage sludge from a water treatment plant.The HTC factory transforms this waste into a very valuable activated carbon and into phosphorus. This process is very cost efficient and environment friendly.


Question: What are the advantages of this technology?

- Scalable in size adaptable to almost any size of city, environment friendly and cost efficient.


Question: It must be very costly….

- Not at all


Question: How can India get benefitted from this technology?

  • The government plays an important role. Getting the public sector involved will facilitate the implementation. You will transform waste into very valuable products at a low cost.


Question: Can it be produced here in India, under the Made in India Program?

  • Yes it can, and it should. As I said before, this will create jobs and generate wealth.


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