Air India Manager Missing, Have You Seen Her?
| Onkareshwar Pandey - 19 Oct 2018

Air India Manager Missing, Have You Seen Her?


IOP Correspondent 

New Delhi, Oct 18, 2018:

Suffering from depression because of her delayed promotion and office politics in Air India, a 57-year-old manager of Air India, Mrs. Sulakshna Narula has been missing from her Central Delhi home since 30th September. She is a resident of Pandara Road and wife of Dr. Sunil Kumar Narula.

An FIR (No. 0131) of abduction dated 04.10.2018 has been filed at Tilak Marg Police Station in New Delhi by her family. The police have assigned a special search team to locate her.

According to his husband Dr. Sunil Kumar Narula, “she had left her home at 6 pm without her mobile phone. The family has contacted all their and her relatives, friends and acquaintances, but of no avail.”

As she was a very religious and god-fearing person, her family has also looked for her at various religious places within and outside Delhi, but still hasn’t been able to locate her.

The Sulakshna Narula’s family has spread the word on social media through facebook, twitter and has reached out to all friends and relatives. They have created a page on facebook in order to get more information about her location:

According to Dr. Sunil Kumar Narula, “A prominent reason for her mysterious disappearance has been attributed to depression because of the constant stress from her workplace since 2007. She has been fighting for the cause of her promotion since 2007. At that time, one of the board directors Shri Anup Srivastava made sure that she should not get that promotion for reasons best known to him.”

“After the superannuation of Shri Anup Srivastava and appointment of Shri Ashwani Lohani, she again represented against the justice denied to her. Considering all the facts of the case, Mr. Lohani granted her promotion with certain riders. However, the courtrie close to Anup Srivastav made sure that orders are not issued in this regard and delayed till Mr. Lohani was transferred out of Air India as Chairman Railway board,” Dr. Sunil Kumar Narula added.

“She also became aware of cases where her juniors were granted promotion subsequent to her and their orders were also issued immediately. This kind of humiliation and stress of working under her juniors hit her hard and she became depressed,” Dr. Narula further said.  

“About a month back, she started taking medicines for coping up with her depression.

She resorted to consulting certain astrologers and pundits to help her achieve her promotion since 2007. They misled her and exploited her financially for their gains. Some astrologers and pandits she frequently consulted were Mr. Sahas Ram Mani Tripathi, Mrs Archana, Pandit Markandey Tiwari and Pandit Joshi from Nashik,” Dr. Narula said. However, Mr. Tripathi has denied the allegations against him saying, “I am a Teacher by Profession. I teach Veda and Philosophy. I have nothing to do about all this.” He also asked, why are they trying to divert the issue?
Another factor which contributed to her mental agony was the dispute with her brother over a property matter over which a case is going on in the high court, according to the sources in the family, which is deeply saddened and is in grief right now.

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