Kashmir conflict entering in a new phase
| Major Saras C Tripathi - 03 Sep 2018

Kashmir conflict entering in a new phase

By Major Saras C Tripathi

Srinagar, September 02, 2018, The Abduction of 11 family members of the serving police personnel of Jammu and Kashmir police by the terror outfits has taken the fight in Jammu and Kashmir to a different level. The ongoing fight between the terrorists and the police has reached a psychological level, though a few have called it a “tit for tat”.Security analysts are worried that this psychological war may turn the situation murkier in Kashmir in coming days.After keeping them in captivity for a few days, they released all the family members. But it was in lieu of release of relatives of overt or covert terrorists. The trigger was detention of son of Syed Salahuddin, the head of United Jihad Council and detention of father of present HM chief of Kashmir; RiyazNaikoo.

This was for the first time in over three decades of Kashmir insurgency that families of the police personnel were abducted and that is why it is significant. In the beginning of the insurgency in 1988-89, substantial numbers of policemen were either supporter or sympathizers of the so called “freedom Fighters (terrorists).” The terrorists were glorified as angels sent from the Allah for liberation of Kashmir from the clutches of “Kafirs”. In 1991 Jammu and Kashmir Armed Police (JKAP) had gone to the extent of inflicting “mutiny” against the “State”. The armed mutiny was quelled by the Army without firing a single shot, in an extremely successful operation.This is to bring in the foray the journey of terrorism. Slowly the nature of conflict moved towards typical conflict in any Muslim majority conflict zone, where definition of enemy gets narrowed as the conflict progresses: from non-Muslims to another Muslim group, from government to own people. Anyone who has slightest difference with Jihadis becomes their enemy. It is like self-destructive disease of Autophagia. All over the world the Islamic Jihad has always turned against its own people. It is Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria or any other country or region.

The conflict in Kashmir was never political but sectarian. It started in the garb of political movement but the latent intent was always “Nizam-a-Mustafa” or for “Dar-ul-Islam” through Jihad.It could not remain hidden for long and within a year mosques were blaring with slogans of “Azadi kamaqsadkya? La ilahaIllallaha”, and “Kashirbanwan Pakistan, Batavvaraibatnevsaan.” The intent was very apparent from the beginning and implemented with precision when almost 350,000 Kashmiri Pundits were driven out of the valley. Entire Kashmir valley is almost cleansed of the minority Hindus. Now is the turn of Shia-versus Sunni, local terrorists’ versus-foreign terrorists, south Kashmir versus north Kashmir. Islamic Jihad has always shown capability of destroying its own people and ultimately everyone and everything. Many people have expressed concern about turn of event. But counter-terrorism experts are seeing a light of hope in this development. Ultimately, even Khalistan movement and its various terrorist outfits were eliminated only when they started targeting their own people. Such incidents not only open the eyes of the sympathisers of the terrorists but also prompt them to pass on accurate information to the security forces for elimination. Such conflicts only start receding when the sympathizers themselves become victims of their own “heroes”.

According to a senior police officer, over 20,000 policemen hail from south Kashmir. Policemen are worried over the new threat from the terrorists. Families of some of the policemen have already shifted to safer places. After Pundits it is Kashmiri Muslims themselves who are becoming targets of terrorists. This actually is a paradigm shift that may change the contours of the terrorism in Kashmir. On senior police officer said the police force is planning measures to counter this psychological fight. Whereas, the state and the government have a responsibly to provide protection to all its citizens, in Kashmir even serving army and policemen are being killed. The government is helpless beyond a point. The solution will come from the cooperation and understanding of the people themselves. 

(Writer Saras C Tripathi is former Major of Indian Army and a renowned Security Expert)

Photo Courtesy – PTI

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