COVID -19 and Challenges of Online Education in India..

08 Jul 2020

By Dr. Sonali Mishra

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the education sector had to move from

BharatVarsha over India: Did we miss the Bus?..

24 May 2020

In another few years and definitely one of the post-COVID-19 scenarios, the number of non-traditional students who are responsib

To Promote Open Access We Must Adopt Options Like Plan S of EU - Prof. Ramesh C Gaur..

02 May 2020

At the current situation, where all Libraries and educational institutions are under lockdown, and di

E- Learning -A Ray of Hope for Students during Lockdown..

28 Apr 2020

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World in a Nutshell: CUTS’ Essays in Honour of Sanjaya Baru..

31 Jul 2019


Karmic Signs - Tarot Predictions for 2019 ..

27 Jan 2019

Tarot Predictions for 2019


By Karmic Signs 


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