15th Finance Commission: Beyond Disaster Response..

18 Feb 2020

India has suffered a huge loss as the average annual loss due to disaster is the US $9.8 billion in th

POJK on Target of General Naravane..

17 Jan 2020

The writing on the wall is absolutely clear! Under the watch of the new Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Gen

J&K 2020 - More Sustained Efforts Are Required..

10 Jan 2020

J&K 2020 - More Sustained Efforts Are Required

Despite the ups and downs, a lot h

US State Dept Report on Terrorism Accuses Pakistan, Praises India..

29 Nov 2019

By Col. Jaibans Singh

The US State Department in its latest annual ‘Country Report on 

How Sunanda Vashisht Exposed Pakistan in the US Congressional Hearing on J&K..

23 Nov 2019

By Jaibans Singh

Sunanda Vashisht, a Kashmiri columnist and political commentator, rendered a sig

China's New Stand on Kashmir After Modi-Jinping Summit..

31 Oct 2019

By Jaibans Singh

Chandigarh, Oct 31, 2019:


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